Saturday, February 14, 2015

River recon

My river trail over-wintered well.

Pugsley loves this area. Man does it love it.

Maddie is doing the no-hands thing now. This is how she does it. I've tried to explain the idea of just hovering the no-hands above the bars in case things go sideways.

This is her just as things went sideways. She did the hop, jump, and skip-off dismount.
It was pretty pro.

Lots of run-off up there.

Big sky.

Liza had her hands and bucket pannier full as she did her first trash round-up of the season.  

Some snow still on the banks.


My bucket overfloweth with trash.

1 comment:

Stine said...

I would like some trash stats. Ratios of malt beverages to "energy" elixirs? I see a great ongoing photo-essay. Although nothing can match that dog in Colville...