Wednesday, November 25, 2015

BFF for my BFFs

(tap tap)
(tap tap tap)
Is thing on?
Can you hear me?

That's my kankle.

The Black Friday Fun ride is still on. Historic info on this ride is here.

The plan: Leave the Scoop at 10 AM. It will end at my house. Where I"ll have beer and bourbon and maybe some food.

But Glen is hosting the ride. And if you've not seen Glen since the last BFF ride, then you're in for a surprise.

Photo by Phyllis Benish.

Check him out. Holy hell there's a dude that's killing it lately. Unless you follow CX stuff closely, you'd never know that he came in 2nd in the State CX Championship, Geezer Class, a couple weekends ago. I like to say "Geezer Class" because it's funny, but more precisely, it's Masters 50 Men's. That's a competitive pile of dudes. He won by being fast, but also by being Glen smart. It's a good story. He's promised to tell it during post-BFF drinks.

Also: if you are worried about keeping up with Glen on the BFF ride, you should. But he's handicapping himself by riding the Pugsley and hauling a saw. And if, you don't want to go on the BFF ride but you still want to hang for the bourbon beer part, you can do that too.

Also, while we're on the topic of tooting Glen's horn -- go buy the latest issue of Bicycle Quarterly. You'll note that the NFE is on the cover. Jan gives it a good review too.  The NFE stock project is going gang busters already. I'm thinking this review will make it more gang bustery.

Anyway: go on the BFF ride for those of us that can't. It's always one of my favorite rides every year. Traditionally, it's a ride that I like to do with a CX bike, but this year I was planning on taking my mountain bike. Fat bike works too.


rory said...

1. This blog is still active?
2. Where's glen?
3. I went to woodland park cross race. I saw the People racing when I showed up and thought they look my age. Must be cat 3. Nope. Master class. #selfrealization.
4. Don't duck with the master class. They know more then you will ever know. Glen's a master. Jeff's a master. Rich is a master. I learned about when I was 17 that riding with masters was better then riding with people my own age.

EvilElf said...

If I ever get a new bicycle, I want one Glen built!

Anonymous said...

Kankle is a great name for the first Elephant fat bike.

Livebloggers said...

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