Sunday, April 18, 2010

600th post: Warm Part 2

This weekend was like a June weekend. Sunny, warm and shirtsleevy. Liza was not taking part in the shirtsleeve part. Bikes everywhere.

Maddie rocked the single speed old school style on a ride down to a buddy's house. Her knees are almost hitting the bars when she stands and pedals on this bike.

High Drive trails. Justino.

Justin and Joe ponder TJ Meenach.
Joe on the river trail below the mega church.
And Pat.

On the treehouse front, much progress was made. The floor is done. And it's framed.

Thanks to Pat. It's amazing what an actual carpenter with hardcore tools can do in 1.5 hours. Pat left his nail gun and super portable miter hardcore crazy Dewalt saw for me to finish up the framing. But it was his brain that made the angles work, in a flurry of mumbling, figuring, and chicken-scratching.


Dylan said...

Man, the 'kane is looking nice these days. Glad you guys are all getting out to enjoy it.

Zach said...

Having left Spokane a number of years ago, your blog always reminds me why I want to come back. I am looking forward to passing through this summer and stopping at The Scoop and Bennidito's. Please keep up the blog and the pictures because it always reminds me of home.
Afterthought: My elephant is in storage in Spokane, just waiting for some miles.

John Speare said...

Dylan and Zach: two Spokane compatriots flung from their home and roaming the world. Zach: To you, I extend the same invitation that is already offered to Dylan - contact me before you come home and let's plan a ride.

And this: your "elephant is in storage..." As in Elephant (with a captial 'E'?). wha? for real?

Zach said...

Yup, Elephant with a capital "E". Had it build up in about 2001 I think, possibly 2002. Glenn may remember it since it has a 67cm seat tube. Powder coated it powder yellow and the two of us always get a lot of attention together.

I will take you up on the offer of a ride if I can get away for a couple hours. I own a house not too far from your place, so I am always up on the hill.