Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tuesday Night Twilight Series

Eric Abbott leads the peloton through some tight corners at Spokane County Raceway. Photo: Tim Wong

Tuesday night Twilight Series road races start next week! These races are a weekly staple for many local lycra-clad rodies. They're also a low key, low stress way to get into bicycle road racing. The weekly series usually attracts 60-100 cyclists of all ages and abilities, divided into four fields: A, B, C, and Women. A-pack riders are the most experienced racers, and hence the fastest, B's are intermediate, and C's are new racers and Masters age 50+ racers. Women may race in any pack they choose, but most women race in the dedicated women's pack. Distances range from 15-30 miles, or 30-100 minutes.

The peloton racing down the dragstrip area of Spokane County Raceway. Photo: Tim Wong

Hosted by Baddlands Cycling, racing happens almost every Tuesday night of the spring and summer at various spots around the Spokane area. The first race was cancelled because of an issue with a venue. Therefor racing starts this Tuesday, April 20th, in Cheney WA. Check the Baddlands site for complete details!

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Anonymous said...

I wish the Spokane raceway people would get their acts together so we can start to actually have races there. I guess there is something with insurance. I can’t wait to race without having to worry about the yellow line and traffic.