Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A two-flat-day

Brother Jamie haulin up 101. Avoiding large trucks.

I got an early morning flat on my morning stroll to The Scoop today. This was a silly pinch flat: under-inflated 32mm Pasalas and rough-housing on Lincoln Street, which is torn up and wonderful at the moment.

Then on the way to work, I got a flat on the MB-2.

Both on front tires. Both easy quick fixes.

These are flats number 3 and 4 since I wrote the "I hardly ever get flats" piece for OTM just over a month ago.

Any seasoned cyclist would certainly have seen these flats coming. Indeed, I deserve them.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who writes about never getting flats does indeed deserve to get flats.

Then again, so do anonymous commentators who show no compassion.

Justino said...

I have a lot of tire levers in the shop right now. a LOT. I think they're even al-u-min-ium. a LOT. I like to use the plas-tique kind.

Anonymous said...

Nobody deserves them.

Anonymous said...

I always get flats on the back, never the front. Just once I would like to get one on the front just for an easier fix. I probably jinxed myself and will have one tonight on my way home.


Anonymous said...

John, you should fill those Pasalas with that anti-flat green goo.

Max said...

Nate- Having lived, bike commuted and mountain biked in Arizona for a long time I can tell you the goo does nothing for pinch flats it is purely puncture protection.