Monday, April 19, 2010

Bike commuters wanted

Click for big to check out the bike that all commuters should ride. Always. In every case.

On May 16th, the Bike-to-Work people are putting on an education fair at Riverpark Square. The point of the fair is to get bike information to the masses. More specifically, I think the potential value in the fair is getting on-the-fencers talking to bike commuters in a familiar (not a bike shop) mall environment.

To this end, the Bike-to-Work organizers are looking for bike commuters to come down to Riverpark Square and hang out for a few hours on May 16. Ideally, you would bring your bike, some commuting gear, and your willingness to share your story with people.

Here's the kicker: I happen to think that non-geeky, non-stinky, non-male, non-racers are the best fit for this job. These are generalizations. Stinky males can do an ok job here. The geeky guys and racer types, not usually -- since they're typically so passionate about their bike beliefs.

I fall into the geeky camp, by the way. It's really hard for me to accept that all commuters don't ride exact copies of my bike. And so, even when I try not to, I tend to push people in my way of thinking: front loads, steel bikes, drop bars, fattish tires, fenders, Ortliebs, etc.

Anyway, I further think people that have started (and have continued) to commute in the last couple years are the best at this job. All of the hurdles are still fresh in their minds. The learning curve is still in action. The smart ones are not self-proclaimed experts (yet). For the most part, they're genuinely joyous in their discovery of bike commuting and can't believe more people don't try it. They're not (yet) out to prove to the world how hardcore they can be in how long/far/fast they commute in any weather.

So, if you want to share your story with a potential version of you a few (or many) years ago, please send mail to and tell Amy you want to volunteer for a shift at the Education Fair on May 16th.

Be sure to register for BTW this year. Having strong numbers for BTW week is one of many bits of data that helps to make a case for more funding for bike/ped facilities.


Pat S said...

"I happen to think that non-geeky, non-stinky, non-male, non-racers are the best fit for this job."

Great observation. Totally agree.

(Either that or I'm on crack, which is my word verification word.)

Pondero said...

Skillfully worded. I hope your program is a huge success.

Anonymous said...

Non-male women are my favorite kind!