Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We Want To Hear From You If You Bike On The West Plains

Do you bicycle, live or work in the West Plains area? Are you scared to ride on US 2? Would you ride to the airport if there was a better way to store your bike while travelling? These are all questions we're looking for answers to with Spokane Regional Transportation Council's West Plains-Spokane International Airport Transportation Study.

Don't get me wrong, this study isn't just about bicycling in the West Plains- it's actually a multi-modal look at all transportation in the study area (shown in the map below)- but bicycling connectivity and safety are areas that we look at in-depth.

SRTC is conducting this study in response to development of the airport business park, land use changes, and the effect those changes will have on the surrounding roadway network. The goal is to create a balanced plan for making connections and transportation improvements and increase mobility and safety for residents, employees, and visitors to the study area.

We are to the point now where we need public input. SRTC is hosting an open house next Tuesday, May 4 from 4-7 p.m. at the Northern Quest Resort and Casino. Here's a flyer for the meeting. Everyone is invited, and what better place to attend a meeting than a casino?

Please come tell us what issues you see regarding transportation in the West Plains area and your proposals to fix them. There will be a survey aimed specifically at gathering feedback on bicycling, walking, and buses in the area.

To see a larger version of the study area map, or for more information on the West Plains- Spokane International Airport Study, click here.


Anonymous said...

I doubt many bicyclists from Spokane will make the 10-20 mile round trip just to go to this open house on a weekday. Is there any other way to give input or take the survey?

I think there would be interest in airport access (particularly) by bicycle, and safe bicycle parking there. I called the airport once and they told me to lock my bike to a stair railing, so I didn't ride out. I was less worried about theft than security deciding to remove it while I was gone.

SRTC Staff said...

I was hoping that people who live and work out there and ride could maybe swing by the meeting after work or something. There always people who can't though, so anyone who is interested in submitting comments can email them to contact.srtc@srtc.org. We're still working on the survey but I'll put word out after the meeting how people can fill it out from home.

Thanks for your input and the airport is one of our stakeholders on this so hopefully they will get the hint as we've heard somewhat of the same story as yours from several other people.