Sunday, June 3, 2012

Deep Creek with Glen

I've taken a couple trail rides with Glen in the last week or so and they've both been fantastic. He leads and takes a perfect, sustainable pace. He's been poking around the trails of Spokane for the last 20 years so he's got all sorts of cool stuff to show me.

This morning we drove out to Riverside and tooled around the Deep Creek area for a couple hours. Highlights: a handful of technical basalt-strewn trails, lots of climbing, and one great vista. Here's the track and numbers.

My mountain bike is feeling really dialed in. I like climbing on it. I'm borrowing a crankset from Glen right now, but a new Deore triple is forthcoming. I still can't get the XT hydro's out of my mind since riding Alex's at Ebey, so I'm pondering stuff to sell to finance the SLX model.

As we rode today, I thought a lot about the potential up at the river for mountain biking. The Kettle Crest Trail is just right there. It would be cool to have someone dump me at the Sherman trail head and I could pop out at Boulder and coast back down to the river. Just pondering. I wonder if that section south to north would be a good one?

I would dig talking to someone who has done a bunch of biking up there. If that's you, please email me: john at phred dot org.

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tinytowers said...

I too recently discovered that trail 25 extends up that far. I hopped in at the Pine Bluff road trailhead awhile back. You're right about the vista spot too, really nice view. I surprised a lone coyote there, he was just sitting there taking in the views. I've thought about biking into Snow Peak cabin via the KCT. Have you been up there?