Monday, June 25, 2012

Sister Bets

I don't know how I missed these pics from yesterday's mud ride.

Betsy has some natural skilz in mud-bogging. She's happy to commit, which is a requirement to power through mud and to bounce over various dead fall, which she did, giggling and whooping the whole way.

She's rocking a Torker Graduate, which is a pretty solid value at around $550: nice geometry, internal-gear  hub, front drum brake. If it came with 26" wheels in her size, the bike would be a classic, but of course, it's got 700's wedged in there, so it's merely interesting.

The mud was a bit silly. It's going up past the rear derailleur here. A lot of horse activity. And of course, our tromping through didn't improve things much.


Doug said...

Bridle Trails? I hear that place is a mudpocalypse b

Betsy Speare said...

This is your best post yet. You forgot to mention you bought me the bike! thanks!

Betsy Speare said...
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