Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seattle hang

Sailing with Alex.

Locking up bikes with Alex.

Brouwer's. Good beer. Good food.

BMX park two blocks from my sister's house. Whoa Nelly. This picture does not do it justice. See that ramp there in the background? It's very steep. If you're clipped in on a bike with a low bottom bracket, you gotta commit. No slow roll ups.

I may or may not have tipped over in slow motion and tumbled down the aforementioned ramp. It was the old,
"bottom out on the big chainring at the top of the ramp transition slow tip, oh shit" maneuver.


Doug said...

I used to live a block from that track. I enjoyed watching people take the jumps with aplomb. I never once considered trying it myself. I'm too clumsy to pull it off.

John Speare said...

Well, Doug, you used to live close to where my sister just moved. And as for attempting jumps, I sometimes wish I had your rational sensibility.