Friday, April 20, 2007

Spinning Spokane

I have nothing to say. But Liza and I took a spin out to the city of Spokane Valley today and had a nice ride together. I took 4 pictures. Two of them are sort of interesting. So, 50% interesting is pretty good for me.

Which one should lead?

This is my favorite because of the clouds:

But it doesn't exactly say, "come ride in beautiful Spokane!, where the roads are barely paved and there's a 7-11 on every corner!" But then, seen another way, a guy could say: "Come to Spokane, where the roads are wide open. Who needs bike lanes, when you can have a whole car lane!?"

Then there's this beauty:

That's an over the shoulder shot, which explains why the nice Pontiac or whatever is the main player in the photo and not Liza. Or the nice trees. But check out the girl holding up the wall in the back ground. And the building behind the bridge is nifty too. Kind of cool. It would rule if the stinkin car wasn't hogging the whole show.
And who says Spokane needs spinning anyway? I think cycling here rules.

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