Sunday, May 20, 2007

395 Again

First things first. My buddy that got hit is OK. He was very lucky. His story is here.
I rode to Colville on Friday. I went on 395. I've done this ride many times now. After the first time, I said I'd never ride it again. It's loud. It's dirty. It's busy. It's generally not a nice ride. But one set of Maddie's grandparents live up on the Kettle River, so I find my self riding 395 a few times a year. I've gone on about this on my website before.

Anyway. The ride up to Colville on Friday was wonderful. There wasn't nearly as much traffic as usual.

If you look at the pictures here, there are two things to notice.
One is obvious: both are down hill shots. In fact, the majority of the ride to Colville is down hill. There a few little rollers, but generally, it's down hill. So if you're looking to do a nice day ride and feel really good about yourself and your time, check out the Spokane to Colville run on 395.

The second bit is not as obvious unless you ride this route a bit. The shoulders are spotless. You could eat off them. They were just cleaned.
So that made a big difference. They are usually filled with gobs of crap and crud.
Maybe I'll ride it again next time we visit up there. 395 is also a good arterial to a lot of great potential S24O areas. I'm going to stop saying that I'll never ride it again.

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