Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baby Steps: the birth of a cycling non-profit

Alert readers of this blog may have noticed a new link that quietly found it's way onto this page about a month ago. For the last few months Liza, my buddies Ben and Jon, and I have started to realize a dream I've had for a couple years. We're starting up a non-profit cycling thing in Spokane called "Pedals 2 People." The idea is to end up with a community cycling center. In the last month or so, we've added a couple more friends, Beth and Katleen. This is what we're calling our "steering committee."

We are in early days. We've got a heady mission statement that you can read on our site, but really, we're finding our way.

Our goal this summer is to do as many different events as we can to see what we're good at, what folks need, and what we actually want to do. At the end of the summer, we'll get serious about honing our mission and hopefully pursuing federal tax-exempt status.

It's clear Spokane is ready for such an organization. In the short time we've been an entity, we've had a lot of interest -- all by word of mouth.
The month of June begins our coming out. Here's what's planned:

  • June 17th: Free Kid's Bike Repair at West Central Community Center (11am-1pm). We need help on this. Contact me if you are available and know how to do any of the following: pump up a tire; change a tire; adjust brakes/derailleurs; hang out and help.

  • Mid-Late June (tentative): Official "wrenches" for the KHQ annual bike drive and give away.
  • Ongoing: Thursday night slow summer rides on the Centennial Trail. (That's tonight). 6:30PM at the Carousel.

  • We're also collecting bike donations.

Our site is slowly coming together and soon we'll be blogging regularly. If you want to help/volunteer/do anything, we'd like to meet you.

Part of this whole deal, perhaps the most important part, is building community around all types of cycling. Join us.

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KCJeff said...

Sounds great! We're trying to do similar things in Kansas City with the Greater Kansas City Bicycle Federation (