Monday, June 25, 2007

Last Minute S24O with the Family

We'd been talking of doing some bike camping this weekend. Friday didn't work out. Saturday came and went. Then Sunday, at about noon, we decided to give a go. It was a huge success. We left home at about 4pm. We were at Riverside State Park by 4:45 or so. We got home this morning at about 9 AM.

The S24O's I've been doing solo have helped hone the camping process quite a bit. We brought just the right amount of stuff. We were warm and comfy and did not want for anything.

The one bummer is that the guy working the pay station at Riverside State Park hadn't gotten the memo on the biker sites. I didn't feel like trying to work it up the command chain on a quiet Sunday afternoon and there were plenty of sites open anyway. But it was disappointing that the hiker/biker site policy has not been baked into the overall training program for the front desk folks.

Regardless, we enjoyed a nice night: an hour or so chatting while Maddie played on the sandy river bank, followed by dinner, some minor exploration, and to bed. We were up at 7AM and having coffee at The Scoop by 9 AM.

We all decided that it was so easy and so low impact -- that we would do this very regularly this summer.

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