Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pride Parade 07 and Mobile Sound

Pedals 2 People had a great turn out for our section of the Pride Parade yesterday. No one counted, but the guess is about 25-30 cyclists showed up and rode with us. Mike here took a bunch of pictures, hopefully we'll see those soon.

Our sound system wasn't nearly loud enough, so that gives us something to work on. After the parade I saw a guy with the most righteous bicycle mobile sound system I've ever seen.

Click for big and you'll see that the cabinet is covered in sequins. He's got good volume, and obviously impeccable taste. Anyway, this guy's name is Chris, and as soon as he started talking ohms and wiring in series and deep cells, I knew we found our technical advisor.
Lesson #1: get rid of the deck. There really is no reason to haul around a car stereo; he wires his MP3 player directly into amplifiers, which then go directly to speakers.
I'm excited to get our system dialed in now. We have a 2-channel 2x40 amp for the mains and the 4x6 speaker and we have a bass amp with a single bass speaker for the low end. Our marine batteries held up great. We'll see how they do when we get some good volume.
I'll document the process and final product here, as it's been hard to find basics on the web for a bike mobile sound system.

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