Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Snow Woes

I have no idea how many times I've read about how lower pressure tires help in the snow. Probably a million times or so. Yet, I've never fussed with the air pressure on my Fuji Turd, which has big fat 2.1" tires on it. I just pump it to 50 and go on my way.

So, I guess it takes about 15 inches of snow, compressed, and messed up by traffic to get me to do the bleeding obvious. No matter how you slice it, riding around in this kind of snow is not easy. But running 2.1" tires at about 20 psi, instead of 50 psi certainly helps.

Even then, I'm only good for short rides and I'm all over the sidewalks if they're shoveled. I know my buddy Ken has continued to commute in this. And Liza rode down to work at REI today. You guys rule.

It took me over an hour to walk to Maddie's preschool and drag her back on a sled. I think the preschool is about 1.5 miles away. What a slog.

The streets were plowed for a bit yesterday morning, which allowed Liza to take Maddie to school on the kicksled. Once she hit the deep stuff, Liza did not dig the kicksled.


bleckb said...

Maybe I'll try a commute in the morning, but I'm worried mostly about Government Way when I get out there, plus I have about 20 pounds of books to lug. We walked downtown today and had to spend most of our time in the street because the sidewalks were either unshoveled, plowed over, or both. And six more inches are supposed to come Wednesday night.

I like the snow, and commuting this winter has been fine, for the most part, but this is a bit much, and my tires are studded and nearly as wide, if not wider, than yours.

EvilElf said...

It sounds like a good idea to lower the pressure. I heard that you have to be careful of shearing off your valve stem if you let too much air out and the tire slides on the rim. Have you experienced much "slidage"?

I noticed that my front brake was grabbing. I decided to wash my bike (wow a mess) and take a good look at the front. My tire was starting to come off. A very small section, but that could have been something to see.

I have been running about 10 pounds shy of inflated (yes, and that probably is an allegory as well), but I don't think that's what caused my tire to unseat. I dunno.

John Speare said...

Bradley: I should've included you in the lsit of ruley people who attempt the daily commute no matter what.

Mr Evil Elf: I've not had any slidage since lowering the pressure, but I often experience shrinkage after a cold and wet ride.