Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cracked Up

Click to see a mondo picture of THE CRACK

The careful reader of cyclingspokane will remember that a few days ago I mentioned how I went over the bars on my RB-1. And how afterwards a little creaking noise began. Well, there it is. The crack at the bottom bracket.

Dang. My bike karma is is coming home to roost lately. Wheel issues on the RB-1 and the RB-T (the RB-T needs a new rim -- it's offical); my cranks on my blue RB-T have been revolting on me too. Now a cracked bottom bracket shell.

I guess I'll haul it over to Hairy Gary and see what the cost is for replacing the shell. If I don't replace the shell what'll I do with this bike?

I tried riding it today; I think I could get away with riding it and listening for the creak to get louder. That's the benefit of steel right? It fails gradually. With lots of creaking and groaning and swaying and bending.



Apertome said...

Woah, that sucks. How old is that bike, anyway?

Pat S said...

That's terrible news. You gotta try and get it fixed. It's not just any bike after all, it's your RB-1. You gotta get your karmic situation under control too, before things get any worse.

Jacque Hendrix said...

There's a cool non-profit in town called Pedals 2 People. You may think about dontating it to them.

But what will become the "new" RB-1?

Tarik Saleh said...

Gek, I say again, RB-1's were made quickly in a production environment and had lots of brazing issues. Overcooking and under penetrating. Good bikes, but not for riding forever. They can and will break. I would hang that puppy on the wall and call it done. I bet if you replace the BB (if you can get away with just replacing the BB) it will break somewhere else soonishly. I don't think that is a crash crack, that is a not enough filler and/or too short miter cracks. Here is what happens if you keep riding it:

Usually cracks like that will spread into the underlying tubes as well, which may add a tube replacement into the already slightly nasty bb replacement. You might have caught it early enough, but it is hard to tell.

Done done done. Or you could fix it and maybe ride it forever. Who knows...

John Speare said...

Well. I think I'm going with Tarik's advice. It's actually the advice of a few people. Jeff Lyons (framebuilder) emailed me and said: if it's high mileage or your heavy or you ride hard, then don't bother. Well shit. That frame meets all three criteria. Another guy on the iBOB list said the same as you Tarik: clean it up and hang it on the wall.
Maybe I'll do that.
I have another frame in the pipeline. I'm not ready to divulge yet, cause it's not a sure thing but I'm exiced about it.

Bujiatang said...

now I'm really worried about Frenchie.

I'm glad you have an SBR too though.

Klay said...

Hey John,

I have a line on an RB-2 if you're interested - similar year, Ishiwata tubing, same geometry...lemme know if you're interested. I'll look into it a little further.

See you friday!