Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gearing up for the cold season

That big ass Lake box holds my new winter cycling boots.

I've been thinking about buying real winter cycling boots for a couple years. I've tried to make sandals work, but there's a critical weather range where the sandals just don't work. It's that mid-30's to mid-40's wet range that is killer. I've moaned about frozen toes to Joe a few times in winter's past, but it was a failed solo attempt to Colville last April that finally drove me to the decision to buy Lake boots.

Mr. Blaine has been telling me for at least a year, if not more, to bite the bullet and get these boots. It's funny, because I'll buy a bunch of overpriced bike stuff, but for some reason spending $250 so I can take long rides in the cold was just more than I could accept.

A couple months ago, my buddy Mike -- who has heard my story of frozen-toe-woes and how I'm too cheap to spend the big bucks on the boots -- saw the boots at Spoke-n-Sport and told them my story of woe. The boots were already on sale for $200. He talked them down to $175 and got them to write that on a business card. He gave me this coupon-biz card about 2 months ago.

I finally cashed it in today. I'm really happy I did. I have a fat-tired, disc-braked bike for the deep snow, and my studded fixed gear for the ice. Warm, SPD-compatible boots were the final missing piece to happy winter riding.


Pat S said...

Good job on the Lakes.

All your preparation pretty much assures us of a mild winter. Thanks in advance for that :-)

bleckb said...

You've got me wanting a pair for this winter, even if, as Pat says, getting this ready will make for a mild winter. Did you get the MXZ301? Tell me how they fit because your foot is just a tad smaller than mine if memory serves me right.

13-b122 said...

If it means a mild winter, I'll take two pair!

Unknown said...

I'm pretty envious! I'll be excited to hear how they work for you, if I don't end up with a pair myself before winter hits. I'm having a hard time justifying the cost because winter is so short, and because I've lived without them before.

It's also difficult to order something like this and get it right.

John Speare said...

$175 is a small price to pay for a mild winter. I"m happy to pay that tax if it works.
TLP: i've had the same thoughts for years. I'll follow up with a report when it gets cold.

Unknown said...

I just purchased a pair of Pearl Izumi AmFIB shoe covers after having my toes nearly freeze off when I unexpectedly woke up to 32F temperatures. Didn't think I'd be dealing with this so soon.

I'm going to try to make these things work until they are no longer effective. I do not want to give up SPD! :)