Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Call it culture, call it community... whatever

It's growing. I guess it was inevitable. Maybe Mariah is onto something.

Two interesting bikey things happening. Well, if you count Jeff's continuing and unfolding masterpiece, then 3.

Wait, there was also about 200 cyclists/pedestrians/interested people at the SmartRoutes rally downtown yesterday. SmartRoutes is about getting people out of cars, but the thrust of the initiative (cash) is bike related. So there's that.

There's a lot of bike activity going on in Spokane. There has been for some time, but the difference now is that we're seeing some numbers at these events.

Anyway, the two interesting items that I discovered today:

Interesting item #1: cruiser/vintage bike rides

I see these events pop up on Craigslist about once a month. A neighbor buddy of mine loves these rides. And in fact, he doesn't think that people who don't ride vintage bikes should even be allowed (if that makes sense). Anyway, someone posted pictures of the ride on Shutterfly.

This is a good turn out. This would not have happened on a chilly Sunday 2 years ago.

Interesting item #2: Fixed/Single Speed Race
Simon is really interested in getting the fixed crowd racing. This has been tried a few times and is likely happening today under the radar. There's lots of reasons racing fixed gear bikes through the city streets should be under the radar, so I admire anyone willing to stand up, print a flyer, and pass it out. And it sounds like he's got the Hanger 57 people on board. They'll be selling $1 Pabst. Because, what's a fixed event without Pabst?
This just in: Simon will be premiering the movie, Fast Friday, at Hanger 57 after the ride. Fast Friday is a documentary about the fixed culture in Seattle.

Did you know that all the way up into the early 60's there were frequent amateur bike races in Spokane? I don't know much about them, but I do know that they were free-for-alls, and that streets were not closed down, and a common finish line was Manito Park. If you know of anyone that may know more about this, please send them my way. I'd love to learn more. Whatever I learn, I'll post.


FBC Spokane said...

Masterpiece. I like that.

say it said...

It should be a flippin blast!! (Thank you FBC for opening the door, especially with Hanger. They loved you last week.)

Hank Greer said...

FBC, fixed races, and vintage rides. Will staid, conservative Spokane morph into a more tolerant society receptive to new ideas, diversions, and attitudes and threaten our status as a pro-America part of the country?

Schrauf said...

Dang it. If I ride my geared mountain bike or road bike, but don't shift, can I still race??? =)