Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Public Meeting Tomorrow (Weds, Oct 8)

The City will be having a public meeting tomorrow at the South Hill Library to present and receive feedback on the planned construction for 37th Ave from Perry to Ray.

Part of these plans include putting in bike facilities per the comprehensive plan. Specifically: this section (as is all of 37th) is designated as a bike lane. Putting these lanes in will require on-street parking to be removed.

Removing parking is traditionally met with resistance by some property owners. Most property owners understand how the addition of bike lanes improves the quality of life for those that live on the street, and thereby increases the value of the property.

If you are a cyclists that likes bike lanes and thinks the city should bake bike facilities into these types of projects, then your voice is an important one, especially if you live or ride in the area.

The meeting is from 4-6pm at the South Hill Library. More info here. Please attend if you can.


The Editor said...

everything happens when I am at school or work. Although I suppose that might be because I am always at school or work.

John Speare said...

The cynic in me wonders if the point of 4-6 on a weds is intended to reduce broad participation.

Pat S said...

Yeah, best I could do on a workday was to get there at a 1/4 to 6. John Miller was gracious enough to give me the sense of what went on . . . he seemed a little rattled about one nasty individual in particular. I got to fill out a comment sheet, FWIW. Wish I coulda been there for the fireworks. 6-8 or 7-9 would be much better.

bleckb said...

Did you make the meeting? Can you post your thoughts about what happened for those of us who missed it?

John Speare said...

my report to BAB here: http://phred.org/pipermail/bab/2008-October/001023.html