Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mid-week update in pictures

Before the photo show, there are a couple nuggets to share.

1. There will be 10 new bike racks in Spokane soon. Thanks to DSP and the Spokane County Commute Trip Reduction Program. These are the standard inverted-U racks. They were made here in Spokane, at Tipke. Home of Glen of Elephant fame. They are only $50 for qualifying businesses (mainly the business needs to be in the general downtown area defined by GTEC). The cost of these galvanized, then powder-coated beauties is around $280 -- so $50 is a great deal. And if you are in the Business Improvement District (core downtown basically), then the rack is installed by the DSP people. And... Out There Monthly gives away an 1/8 page ad to each business that installs a bike rack. Five businesses have already bit and there are only 5 more racks to go.

2. Start taking pics of cars that park in bike lanes and posting the pics (with visible license plate numbers and as much context as possible to show the car in a bike lane) to In the past, this was a nice way to sort of get the annoyance off your chest, but there was no other reason to do so. But things are going to change. Lieutenant Drollinger of the Traffic Enforcement division of the SPD was at the BAB meeting last night. He is going to work out a process where the COP stations will monitor so that letters are sent to people that park in bike lanes. Serial offenders will get a visit from Spokane's Finest. The system is not going yet, but he is enthusiastic about fixing the issue and he's the guy in charge we've been looking for.

So, with that: some pics...

Standard Maddie-on-the-way-to-school picture. You'd think that if you've seen one, you've seen them all. But you're wrong. The point of these is to show the fashion skills of Maddie. This outfit is really coordinated in a way that is unusual for Maddie. Fluke? or Maybe she's trying to match more.

On the way to Piccolos with Jon. Or an alternate title: "Road photos: how to make friends with garbage truck drivers," or, "The last picture John ever took, may he rest in peace."

Lunch at Piccolos. When I whine and moan about how "I'm not feeling good about my fitness level" for CX, point back to this post. Good food. Mine was a meatball sandwich. Jon went for the soprasada.

Running at Playfair. Every Monday and Weds at 12:15. That's my running deal. Though lately my knee has been bugging me so it's been pretty quick. My buddy Travis joins me some days. You can too. The Playfair track is really soft and spongy.


Hank Greer said...

Six registered logins and twelve posts on and five of the posts are mine.

I'm such a whiner. ;-)

Ken Paulman said...

Not only is Maddie color-coordinated, her outfit matches the bike. Nicely done...