Saturday, April 4, 2009

More fancy bag goings on

I've been using my new Pelican/Swift Industries bag for the last couple weeks. I really like it. My original idea was to a big bag that sort of stayed on my RB-T. But it's so easy to move around, I've been swapping it between my RB-T and my 720. I also don't like leaving on my bike downtown for more than a couple minutes, so I take it off when I'm gone for more than a minute or two.

A really good friend (and impossible-to-replace P2P volunteer) is moving on Monday. Ken and Siobhann are moving to Minnesota. We're hosting their going away party tonight. Ken is a big fan of DeLeons carnitas, so I went down and got 5 lbs of pork, some salsa, and some DeLeon tortillas. I packed it, along with a bunch of other crud in the bag and even had little room to spare.

Great bag.

Tarik-style picture of crud

Here's what I fit in there (with a bit of top room to spare):
- 3 pints of salsa
- 2 sharpies
- 24 flour tortillas
- 36 corn tortillas
- 4 buckets (5 lbs) of carnitas
- U lock
- sunglasses in holder thingy
- 2 bitchin' 80's bike decals
- 1 fancy girly dress from Grandma
- 1 O2 rain jacket
- rainlegs
- 3 limes
- Easter candy
- wool beanie
- wool neck gaiter


FBC Spokane said...

And a Partridge in a pear tree. Dang, that's a bunch of crud. Looking forward to the eats.

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling Ken would be moving on soon. Give him my best. We'll miss you Ken. Wade

Tarik Saleh said...

Yeah! Crud! I looked at that photo before reading the text and thought, hey, that looks exactly like what I posted today!