Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bearings rule

Check out this wind mill. It was out in the West Plains area. The guy had another one that was really ornate, but it was too far away to capture with my camera phone. The ornate one had 5 wheels and a tail which rotated the whole thing into the wind. Both of these were spinning fast and silently. That's why bearings rule.

I set out to take a short road ride and explore some new roads in the West Plains area yesterday. When I got the 747, I vowed to keep it off the trails. Dirt roads are ok. But no trail riding. I've done pretty good with that, but yesterday I failed big time.

I found Old Trails Road and followed it until it butted up against Riverside State Park, which put me on the never ending Trail 25. I ended up doing about 2 miles of really fun trail riding on the 747 before I got on the paved Centennial Trail. I walked down a steep rocky descent, which was difficult, because I think I could've picked my way down it.

I'm going to go back to Trail 25 tomorrow morning with the RB-T. My father's day trail ride. The portion of Trail 25 I was on was a perfect dirt ride: a lot of old double track mixed with swoopy single track. Not technical at all, but fun to ride fast a roadish bike.

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Lucas said...

The 25 is my favorite trail, but that could be because I don't mountain bike much. I do know there is that one little rocky section that always scares the heck out of me. I ride it, but much more slowly than someone more confident would. Which probably makes it more dangerous than if I just picked a line and bombed down it, but I am a total chicken.