Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hetres meet RB-1

I guess that was just a matter of time. Putting the tires on this bike just delays what seems inevitable. I'm hoping a production version of the Grand Bois Urban bike comes to the states soon.

The 57.5 cm 1993 RB-1 shipped with a published trail measurement of 52.7 mm. After I hacked the bike to take 650Bs and then added these monster tires (diameter = 668), it's back to 52 mm of trail.


Pondero said...

Looks great, but how does it ride? Are you happy with those tires?

Tarik Saleh said...

Yeah but the noooooomatic trail! Its noooooomatical. I am resiting with all my miht getting 8 hetres, 4 red, 4 white so I can convert al the cruisers to fat supple tires. I. must. resist.

The rb-1 looks great by the way, noooomatical or not.

Zach Hunt - Spokane Fitness Trainer said...

Nice looking bike. The repairs and changes look good.

jim g said...

John, they FIT?!?

I thought the CdlVs were a squeeze?

And yeah, awesome bike...you're a bad influence on me now...got another 650b conversion in the works!

John Speare said...

Chris: rides great. Smooth, fast, and fun.

Tarik: resistance is futile. neeeeeewmatic or knot. these tires are what dunlop had in mind.

Zach: thanks.

Jim: the front fits with a mile to spare... or about 7-8mm on each side! The rear is tight. I need to bring it back to Elephant Cycles/Glen to get a few more mm of clearance, Clarence. What's the conversion?

Michael said...

I'm really curious what Mr. Peterson might have to say?? Looks like a lot of fun.