Monday, July 6, 2009

Hatch Road

Someone emailed me today and asked me the status of Hatch Road.

Most cyclists that ride that hill know what an awful experience the climb is. And most know that there is some plan somewhere some time to do something about the road.

Some pre-design work to figure Bike/Ped and 57th/Hatch intersection design and cost was recently finished. There are a few options.

Check out the study here. It's a whopper at 24 MB, but it's interesting reading and lays out the different options and costs.

I like the Option 2 Roundabout Intersection with with Bike/Ped/Safety Option 2. That's $11.7 million.

Next step, as always, is to find the money. There's no money right now set aside for this project.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. Hatch.

My strategy is to just ignore the cars. I do stop and move off the road if I'm holding up 5 or more cars (the legal requirement) - but that rarely happens.

Most of the time they just honk or scream on by. I just wish people were more patient.

Encapsulate said...

Ex-Spokanite -> Portland transplant.

I used to bike commute out in the Valley across I-90 at Pines.

I felt like I was the only person in the city on a bicycle. Nice to see Spokane appears to be entering a cycling renaissance.

Check out which is an open calendar for anyone to post bike events/rides/clinics. It's all about Bike Fun. It would be excellent to see Spokane get some bike fun, for when I visit!