Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hitting the Wall

Spokane Cyclist's know that the word "palouse" is an old French word that roughly translates in Spokanese to "endless hills and constant wind". I had the pleasure of previewing the Ronde van Palouse course today with Tony and Mark.

Every cyclist also is familiar with the term, or at least the phenomena of, "Hitting the Wall". At about mile 80 for me, Tony asked me if I had bonked or if I was just tired. "I don't know", I said.

But it was clear that my legs just were not working anymore. At every undulation on the road, my legs and the bicycle would cease to continue. If there were no hills, I am confident that I would have had no problem hanging with these fine racers. Thanks for waiting for me and dragging me home guys. It was a great day in the saddle!

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Sarah said...

good picture. i especially like the last one. perspective.
can't wait to help out with the race and be part of it. 4.10.10