Monday, February 22, 2010

Minutes: Bike Hang Planning Committee, Venue Selection Subcommittee

Meeting opened
Quorum declared: 2 present
Motion for Viking Bar, Wednesday, 5:30
Chair called vote
Chair declared motion passed
Request for roll call
Count shows: Ayes 2, Nays 0
Motion to adjourn
Meeting adjourned


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great meeting.


Mike Sirott said...

Now this is a well run organization! It's only fitting that it meet at the Viking.

SRTC Staff said...

Could your committee come talk to our Board about running an effective meeting? Some of our meetings are ridiculously long. And the topics are never this exciting. Sure we talk about how to get millions of dollars for bike and pedestrian projects, but never anything as important as where to drink beer when the meeting is over.

Anonymous said...

Tips for running effective committee meetings:

Small committees function better than large committees. An ideal committee size is one member. (Unless that one member happens to be a lawyer, in which case zero members may be more productive.)

It helps if committee members have an urgent need to pee.

Coin flipping and dice rolling should be seen as rational decision-making and budget-setting tools.

Beyond that, I got nothing.

Anonymous said...

If you say Viking really fast it sounds like bike-hang.

EvilElf said...

The best meeting advice? Never allow chairs, or any other sitting devices, into the meeting room. Least that's what someone once told me.