Thursday, July 15, 2010

Three Warmshower'ers


Warmshowers is a pretty sweet idea. It's the bike version of couchsurfing. The idea is that you sign up on the warmshowers site to allow other warmshower memebers who are cycling through your town to stay at your house. Then when you tour, you can use the same network to find a host.

I've only been hosted once by a warmshower listee: Day 1 of our Vancouver Island tour a few years ago.

We've hosted 5 people in the 4 or so years since I've signed us up. First, we had Jonathon. And then a year ago this week, Jens stayed with us.


For the last couple days we've been hosting Randy, Jim, and Jake. They did a 29 day, 2100 mile N-S route that started in Texas and ended here.

Jim is a prolific blogger from his phone. As you talk, he'll take a photo, text-out a comment on the photo, and post it. Talk about real time. His blog is here.

They all admired my painted toenails and decided to take advantage of the complimentary pedicure that Maddie provides to sandal-wearing cyclists.

Jim getting his toenails painted while blogging.

I love talking to these travelers and I get all envious of the epic trips they take. I look forward to a day when I can convince Liza and Maddie to take a month and do a bike ride. Or taking the summer to do the Great Divide route when Maddie is a teenager. Oh man.

Here's a picture of a buddy of mine that I used to work with. This is a rad picture. Marc is in Florida now. Maybe he'll see this and put a comment with a link to his Budweiser car that he had many years ago. I'm not a car guy or a Budweiser guy, but you have to admire the work he put into his Budweiser car.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps that should be "warmshowerEES"?

Dan O said...

Warmshoer'ers = never heard of it. Great idea!