Friday, December 16, 2011

Garmin stalking

I mentioned the gps watch thing a while back. I've been tracking just about every ride I take. Expect a forthcoming boring-ass analysis soon.

But in the mean time, dig this. One feature of the Garmin Connect software is being able to explore other routes that people have uploaded (and made public) to the map set. It's pretty damn sweet. Default search is scoped by the view of the map that you focus on. But then you can filter by cycling or even a sub-filter: mountain bike.

I found this bitchin ride that "mtbmoose" posted recently: river trail, both sides for 90% of the ride. He hammers it too. I want to ride with that guy. Creepy right?

Well, I've ridden all of mtbmoose's route except for that little piece that from the Meenach bridge upriver to Sandifur bridge. The last time I tried that was probably 15 years ago. And I don't remember the specifics, but I do remember turning back. So mtbmoose's track is intriguing.
Historically significant bit of trail. This is at the end of 8th on HD trails. We used to come here in the 80's and ride this little track. It's probably one or two piles of dirt from being easily pumpable.

Jon, Tony, and I set off to figure it out this morning. It's slick and foggy and snowy and icy on the roads. But the trials are ok. Except for slippery roundish rocks which are often terrifying --  depending on the context of where one encounters them. The section of trail that mtnmoose exposed for us was full of those slick bastards and the trail was very uppy-downy-rollercoastery. So -- we did a lot of pushing, walking, slipping. It's worth checking out in the spring.

Dorkier by the week.
That helmet seemed cool in the catalog.
Tony has this odd thing when I take pictures. He makes me give him my phone so he can take pictures of me. I've tried to explain to him that that's not how it's supposed to work. But he doesn't get it. I'd be lying to say I don't feel obligated to post the pictures he takes of me.


Jonathan Eberly said...

I don't know whether to be happy or sad that I am know longer known as the Eberlizer. Great ride today but fucking scary in spots.
-The bicyclist formerly known as the Eberlizer.

Not said...

Sometimes I worry that posting my routes on Garmin Connect will result in being burglarized, since they all end at my house.
- Ventura

michael said...

If you wear the cape and jumpsuit that came with the helmet, it will always look cool.

Anonymous said...

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