Friday, December 9, 2011

Slavin Loop

Tony and Mike
I took a ride with Tony and Mike this morning. Tony showed me the Slavin Conservation Area. Joe and I went here years ago, but came at the site from the other end and sort of dead-ended on a trail and left.
I'm a dork.

Tony showed me a way into the area from the west side. We came at it from the dirt side of the White Road climb. My kind of ride -- lots of dirt trails and dirt roads. Of course, I had my super-watch on, so you can check out the route, my speed, and my heart rate here.

It was about 20F. Aside from a 3 or 4 mile descent on 195 back into town, which was damn cold, we kept moving and stayed mostly warm.

The hoar! The hoar!

With the cold came the frost. It was super pretty. Especially on the Slavin Conservation, where the hoar frost clung to everything and the ponds and small lakes were frozen sheer. I just learned about hoar frost today.


Anonymous said...

You may be a dork, but I love the "Heart of Darkness" reference. Wade

Elissa said...

I am pretty sure I do not know what a hoar is.

Pat S said...

Nice post. Even though you kind of look like a dork.

Our beloved back porch spider got his web frosted overnight. It was stunning.

Elissa, you are consistently hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I think John was making a Biblical reference to the hoar of babble-on.

Jonathan Eberly said...

whoa man look at that heart rate peak on that white road climb. 180 BPM.. killer.