Friday, February 24, 2012

Road find day

This picture isn't from today. It's from this day. On this route.

First road find today: 10 mm wrench. Tony called it a speed wrench or a quick wrench or something like that. It's got the closed, ratcheted thingy on one side.

Then Bill found a little piece of glass.

Jon scores a 13mm ratchet socket wrench on 4 Mounds climb. He also found some sun glasses (not pictured). He's shaving a bit of his famous beard next week. To see it, come to Jone's Radiator next Weds at 8 pm.

Unfortunately this giant bottle of Fire Ball Whiskey was empty. But it's a nice bottle. Glass and all.

Barrel wagon thing from Ft George Wright. Wright was a ruthless dude. His job was to come into this area in the mid-19th century and teach a lesson to the natives, who had the audacity to fight back and push Steptoe's army out of the Palouse. That kind of aggression does not stand. What's sort of interesting is that Wright was ruthless as hell -- there are multiple accounts of him hanging Native Americans on a whim to prove a point. He once asked asked a gathering of Native Americans who in the crowd had fought at a specific battle. About 30 men raised their hands. He picked 4 at random and hung them in front of all. Apparently his ruthlessness was not ruthless enough. He was chastised by his superiors for being soft on the Indians. In any case, they named a fort after him. The fort needed water hauled, so apparently this wagon hauled this tank around at Fort Wright. And here we are, riding by on our bikes on a Friday afternoon. Finding stuff.

Here's a little more crazy for ya. This is really hard to see. And Maddie's been mucking with the camera, so I didn't realize it was set to "take the tiniest picture resolution possible" mode. But that's a miniature rail road track, with trestle there. So most cyclists know about the mini-railroad guy out on Smyth, but this one is a narrower gauge track. And it's on Pine Bluff or Carlson Road.

Our track is here.

Finally. Check out It's a beer drinking site. Sign up and be my friend. It's fun to watch what beers friends are drinking. I got nothing in this -- I just want more virtual beer drinking friends. Then you're really not drinking alone! Everyone wins. 


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

What kind of h-bars are on Jon's bike?

Thanks - Thom

Jonathan Eberly said...

Thom: They are the Origin8 Gary bars. They are a cheaper option than the salsa woodcutter or On-One Midge bars. Google dirt drops for even more examples.

Anonymous said...

Thanks John,

I have the on-one midge's and I'm not wild about them, I love the dirt-drop style - but the midge's are way too short in the drops and the angle isn't perfect. That front-on shot of Jon makes the Garys look really comfy. I think I'll give them a try.