Thursday, April 26, 2012

Deformed Challenge P-R

What kind of wanker commutes on fancies like these, anyway?

From now on its Paselas only on this bike.

After all, austerity starts from the ground up.


Chad said...

Same thing happened to me. I liked them when they didn't flat or break.

I sold the other tire on the ibob list. I'm using Dynamics now, but have a small stash of Paselas that go on next.

Unknown said...
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rory said...

I'm using my grand bois cypres, and have so far not had a flat, unlike my hetres. but give it time...

Anonymous said...

I won't say your bike's a wank
But brother can I be frank
She tiptoes on ballet slippers
Sporting tinier beads than some strippers
But note I say neither "wank" nor "skank"

John Speare said...

I've been riding these for a while. I don't get many flats or if I do, I don't register them - the ride is worth it.

Rory - before these, I had the GB Cerfs, which I prefer. I may pick up a pair of those again at some point, but not for commuting.

appreciate the frankness.
i don't want to appear thankless
but the only tiptoeing this bike does
is when i underbike it down the HD trails, cuzz

Fred Blasdel said...

the non-tourguard paselas now appear to be only made in all-black, not gumwall — that's actually my preference, but it puts the reenactment folks in a bind

I guess the resist nomads are made in gumwall, but with a modern bmx-ey tread pattern

also, nice choice of unicorn puke splash tape :)

John Speare said...

Fred - i guess i'm lucky. I still hvae the gum wall 28's in my stash. I rode them today. They're fine -- they're not as grippy as the P-R's or the Cerfs, both of which are way plusher. But those tires are not 3x better than the paselas.

Yeah. that tape rules. Glen graciously gave it to me. Sadly, hey don't make it like that any more.

Anonymous said...

Verily you descend like a Fury
Even deer ask "Dude, what's the hurry?"
Cuz you wreck like a buck shot
No time to let blood clot
Pus and blood ooze out like a curry