Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Even more messed up

That shanked section of the HD trail I noted a while back is way worse. Super worse.

I want to fix it, but I think doing so will take a couple things I don't have: knowledge and muscle.

I ran into a member of the "Friends of High Drive Trails" the other night and he suggested sending email to their listserv. I'll do it.
There's plumbing and concrete slabs and stuff popping out of the side of that hill.

I don't like walking this section of trail. It must be corrected. Verily.

In other news, it looks like I'll be able to do the commute home-bound from Cheney on M-W-F afternoons, at least until the snow flies.

I rode the FLT home yesterday. That's not ideal, when there are so many great dirt roads between that burg and home. Bringing the CX bike today.

In final news, there's a pedal powered bar car thing here in Spokane. Looks interesting. I'm no weight-weenie, but seems like some pretty low-hanging weight reduction could be had pretty easily around the wheel and solid wood bits... Everyone's a critic though.


Andy D. said...

I rode a very similar pedal powered bar thing a while back and thought of the same weight reduction possibilities. Another thing is there are 12 seats but only 8 with cranks, and a non-pedaling crew of two, meaning that 6 of 14 people on board are inactive passengers. There is one gear and one seat height.

That said, it is pretty fun, but could definitely be improved from a mechanical standpoint. My experience here:

Cranker said...

Also, could the pedal tram run on the old tracks in West Central and (puff puff) up South Hill?

I mean before the city "improves" the tracks out of existence?

Less friction?

bobforapples said...

I believe the heavy weight of the vehicle is intentional. It makes a more stable ride. If it was not as heavy, it would rock back and forth alot especially when one side decided to pedal hard and other side coast.