Monday, September 24, 2012

First INW CX race happened

And I didn't race.

Here's why:
- My back hurt.
- I'm slow.
- My head had too much stuff in it.
- I was cooking omelets.
- I didn't get my bike squared away.

It wasn't a priority.

Anyway. As Hank raced, I borrowed his camera and took a few photos. Here's 3.

Taylor is quick to smile. Even when suffering. He's the most Buddha guy I know. Second place would be Glen. Who happens to be looking on here.

Mark. With half a new Elephant bike.

Mark again. I like the dust in this pic.


Hank Greer said...


Thank you very much for the three omelets and the beer. And for taking photos of the race.

Jeff K said...


Thanks for sharing the photos and cheering during the races. You kept calling me "Kevin" for some reason. :) I was going to yell at you on the next lap, but you were gone.

Jeff (aka Kevin)

John Speare said...

Jeff -- sorry. I also called you Justin. I don't know why. From now on I'll call you by your last name, which sticks with me for some reason.