Friday, October 5, 2012

For Sven and Vlad

In an attempt to provide something... *anything* for this blog, I took some pictures on the way home yesterday. My schedule forces me onto this forlorn trail almost daily.


Vlad the Impaler said...

Vlad feel empty.

John teach write.
John not write.

Vlad note ironic paradox.

Sven the File Clerk said...

Sven see warg.
Warg mad.
Warg chase John.
Sven not kill warg.

Sven note existential angst.

Mrs. Beasley said...

Boys, you can't expect John to ride around in short pants and play your fantasy games forever. John's blog is maturing.

From the dessicated carcass of Cycling Spokane a gelatinous and slightly elongated mushroom will grow.

From that mushroom will spring forth a pallid flower, and on the palest petal will emerge an embarrasingly hairy caterpillar.

And yes, from that caterpillar will emerge a new blog, fluttering free of preconceptions, beautiful and free and renamed:

ORVing Spokane.

Jonathan Eberly said...

Jordy says you look like this.

John Speare said...

Jordy: much better!
I miss you guys. Bastards.