Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ice bike 2012

Brother Jamie has my old ice bike. He commutes on it daily, though not in ice bike format.

Here's this year's ice bike. It's Phil's old RB-T, with a few changes.

The Shimano 600 brifters shift really perfectly. Kind of amazing in their smoothness... in the context of their oldness, en fait.

The observant reader will instantly recognize this bike as the fortunate one that lived under the masterful CX-slayer, and prolific blogger, Mr. Jon Eberly in last year's Inland NW CX series.


Jonathan Eberly said...

Ha! Two things I am definitely not. A prolific blogger of a CX slayer. I believe I came in last before the DNFs.

Unknown said...

Looks gnarly John. I rode that bike to the ice fields of Alberta, but I never rode it on ice. Maybe in the snow a couple of times.

John Speare said...

Jon, you have the heart of a prolific blogging CX slayer. Be here on on BF.

Phil: I'm glad you're keeping track! Your bike has made a few rounds in the friend circle over the last 18 months or so. I'm looking forward to commuting on it during the frozen months to come.