Thursday, January 24, 2013

Subsequent Thursday

Different bike made a difference.
Sorry about that fender Rory.

Bits of pavement made a difference too.
I was 1:40 getting home today.
Last Thursday -- on this route, with more snow, on the Rawland --  was 2:05.

Anderson Road

Sherman Road

Marshall Road

There's still enough ice and sheer ice out there to keep you on your toes. 

These are not studded tires. They're one of my favorite all-rounders: Maxxis Locust CX tires: front at 40 psi and rear at 60 psi.


Jonathan Eberly said...

I can't believe the pic with no gloves. When the temp hits 50 and below I become a fulltime glove wearing cold-handed crybaby. Good on you John. 17% faster is nothing to joke about.

rory said...

Was it faster?