Thursday, January 17, 2013


This is my campus bike now. Liza works a block from the Centennial Trail, so she  has my original campus bike at her office for lunchtime stolls.
Astute readers will recognize this ugly mutha as the one and only, Shogun. It just keeps on giving. The rear rim is splitting/cracked, so to keep the brakes from aggravatin' the situation, I'm running the bike in fixed mode.

Birds of prey. Praying.

More coal going to China.
Anderson Road.

Marshall Creek.
Marshall Road.

FLT at Marshall Road.
Not ridable by me.

The intent here was to capture the oppressive monochromatic turd of winterness by juxtaposing a b-slap of redness. Didn't work. And of course that's the camera's fault. 

See that hard plastic blade on the thumb of my glove?
That is friggin the stupidist glove feature ever.
Here's the scenario: cold, frozen, drippy nose. Wipe said nose violently with your thumb, as you are wont to do.
That smarts.


"This is what my girlfriend would look like without skin."


Pat S said...

When are they gonna finally improve cameras to capture the turdiness of winter? I think we have the technology, NOW. Hello! Solidarity, then.

The thumb blade pic is hard to resolve, but I get your drift. More major solidarity on this, then.

The girlfriend with her skin burned off, well, I can kind of appreciate it, sort of, but you're pretty much on your own there.

TN said...

Hi, I'm a random reader from NH (actually stumbled upon your old site a year or two back looking up Bridgestone RB-Ts). Found it to be one of the more informative and funny sources out there, and inspired me to look for a versatile workhorse type bike for myself. No luck finding an RB-T, but I found something on craigslist that looked good, and upon researching the model I discovered you had the same one! I bought it immediately- a Shogun 500. All this is just a longwinded way of saying cool bike, and glad to see you keep it hanging around despite your many nice rides. Thanks!

John Speare said...

Pat, I appreciate the solidarity, whilst being slightly disappointed in your inability to place my raddly obtuse pop reference.

TN -- random friend from NH. Thanks for the nice words. Makes my day. The Shogun is a rad bike. And I dare say, a guy could make a convincing argument that the Shogun is more versatile bike than the RB-T: takes slightly wider tire in the rear, has lowrider braze-ons... But the horizontal dropouts clinch it. What's weird is that all other Shogun road-shaped-bikes that I've seen have been at the complete other end of the spectrum quality wise... the 500 appears to be a diamond in the rough, though I've never spent time researching other models.