Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Midnight Century: Minor route change notification

Maron finish, aught nine.

The Midnight Century route is being tweaked a tad this year.

Instead of finishing at The Elk, the ride will finish at Central Food. The ride will still start from The Elk.

The MC website, online map, and cue sheet have been updated. (GPX file is not updated).

Old timers who remember the Maron finish will understand this change. Everyone else will come to understand the greatness of this change.

Mr. DB say's he'll have a clipboard for recording finish times in time for Tom. And of course breakfast service opens at 7. He's hinted that there may be coffee before then, but no promises.


Jonathan Eberly said...

Man, not that the Sandifur bridge is super steep or long, but that is gonna suck real bad. Cool finish though. Literally one last hill. I've gotta get out for this ride this summer.

Vernon said...

This is cool!