Thursday, May 2, 2013

More pittin' out and tandem cockpit setup v4

The turn into this hill is a hard transition. A bit off-camber with loose gravel. She's really finessing the brakes there.

This is the turn into the descent. Check out the concentration. Rad. It's bad enough I'm  all  weird and excited about her riding, but how neat am I for sitting there with a camera and snapping shots while she does this? Pretty neat. That's what. But I can't help myself. It so satisfying.

So... she told me that she has a right to take shots of me while I spin around the pit.
Fair enough.

This is right after I landed a sweet jump.  She totally missed it. I probably got like 10 feet of air.

I'm actually riding backwards here after manualing my front wheel. She missed that too.

I took the Albatross bars off the tandem. They were too wide, too tall,  and too wrap-aroundy.

I've loved the Space Bars on my MB-2, SH-80,  River bike, mini, fishing bike, RB1, and probably others... So I figure they were worth a try on the tandem. This the fourth set of bars I've tried. It came with regular flat bars. Then I put drops on it. Then the albi's. My shoulders always hurt. I didn't have a normal stem that was long enough -- IME, you gotta push these bars out and put them just below the saddle. For laughs I put the Softride on there. 

I'm pleasantly surprised by how nice this Softride feels for this application. Granted, I've only taken a spin around the neighborhood, but the bit of cush combined with my Space Bar love might just have finally been the sweet spot combination. I'm going to Space Bar the stoker too.

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Christopher Grande said...

That kid looks way profesh. Or least way better of a bike handler than me. So cool.