Wednesday, September 25, 2013

First *official* commute of the school year

Today was the first day of classes at EWU. The commute was sound. I'm really trying to keep my clothes changes down to a minimum. I change my shirt so I don't totally rot out my nice shirts, but otherwise, I stay in my shoes (which are normal looking SPDs) and I can ride in the pants I wear at work/school, which are either Carhartts (with monster thighs) or nerdy stretchy technical, but nice-looking trousers. 

I'm rocking the tie this year too. After working in software for about 15 years, where I pretty much only wore shorts and a tshirt, last year was a hard transition to find pants/nice shirts that worked for actually moving around in. Ugh. But I got it dialed last year and now it's tie time, which was fun. Liza found some pretty rad ties at garage sales and thrift stores. My plan is to make a point of clashing (especially around patterns) -- since I think that a good clash makes for an interesting visual story. Maybe I'll start a fashion blog too...

Glen put some of the new decals on the v2. I dig em.

I went to campus on Monday to prep and rode the v2 Elephant -- made my best time yet: 1:05 from door-to-door. I took a bunch of trails today, so I was more in the 1:20 range, but I think I'll try to break the 1 hour barrier on Friday.

Meanwhile, on the running front... it's hard to take pics with a phone while running. But more importantly, I'm digging it (running, not attempting photos) more and more. I'm running three times a week for about 40 minutes each run. 

I keep putting off a review of this jacket. It's the Patagonia Houdini and I've really found it perfect for early morning runs and edge-weather commutes. I just made that term up, but the "edge" I'm talking about is the cold/chilly transition times between seasons.  It was like 40F on the way into school today and a bit breezy on the way home too.


Travis Nichols said...

Stoked to hear you are running again John! I can't wait to see some regular tie pics on the blog

Michelle in Oly, yo. said...

You run to mock those of us with bunions.

Also: ties. Pics. Please.

Andy Squirrel said...

Where did the pretty front rack go on your Purple elephant?

The Orange Elephant build is coming along well, just waiting for wheels and couple last few items.

I repacked the headset last week and considering waiting for an Edelux II headlamp in anodized Orange to be released this winter.

Swift Industries just finished a matching bag that fits on the Haulin Colin Rack. I'm going to throw another 650b wheelset on and take some photos. The build is going to end up being very MUSA themed, and even more specifically "Made in Washington State"!

John Speare said...

Travis/Michelle: tie pics on instagram (@cyclingspokane).

Andy: glad to hear you're making progress. I look forward to hearing your impression on the ride.

Purple rack is on my brother's bike now. I have a light weight Alex-rack for the elephant if i decide to go back. For commuting, I"m preferring the backpack at the moment.