Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bit of snow

6:15 AM commute. All down hill.
But I still had to pedal a lot.
Much friction.

It was snowing.

This is what a picture might look like if one were to attempt to take a cell phone pic in the dark in the snow without a glove in the cold on the way down the hill after inadvertently hitting the zoom function.

Hours later. Home-bound.
See that trail? That hill? I pinned that shit.

Hill #2. See the footprints? That's not god carrying me through the hard parts.
I did not pin that shit. 

It was just above freezing on the way home, which made for crisp tracks.

The streets are hard packed snow. Unless it snows more tomorrow, I'll probably ride a studded bike.

Maddie. Barely not smiling.

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