Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dinky Egg Loop

It's been too long since we've seen Bill and his bum on a bike.
The "Egg Loop" is about a 15 mile loop out south and west with a bit of dirt road. Since we've not been riding much we decided to do a short ride.  Bill said it was "Dinky." Good word.

The ride pops out down there at Latah on 195. This is the new freeway overpass crossing. This kind of mega infrastructure bums me out. My opinion is that we should not be encouraging the outward/sprawling growth of the city.

Officially, it's not open. But sprawl and all -- this is a handy bit of bikey infrastructure. 

I didn't photo the protected path on the north-bound side of the freeway. But it's way better than mixing it up on the shoulder with 70 MPH traffic. The path eventually spits you out into a cul de sac that terminates Inland Empire Way.
If only that guy with the private bridge would allow bike traffic to cross...

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