Monday, March 31, 2014

Early dismissal

It's conference week at Maddie's school, so she gets out at 1:00 every day. 

We went up to Palisades to tool around on the trails today. Our plan was Riverside State Park, which I think we'll stick to next time. 

She also explored stuff. Watching her flit along the edge of the cliff here made my heart jump a couple times, but I played it cool. I kept reminding myself that she's always had the stability of a mountain goat.

The trails at Palisades are not technical at all, but there a few muddy boggy spots, some rocks and roots, and the occasional deep narrow section. She's much more comfortable rolling through this kind of stuff this year. 

The horses were not interested in Maddie whatsoever. No love.

I should've taken a picture of some of the muddy sections. The Pugsley rocks that stuff. I took it slow in a low gear, sank into the mud, and just grinded it out. 

This kid. I dig her. She told me all sorts of good stuff as we tooled around the park. 


Kaagobloo said...

I dig this post. What a great afternoon.

Ken said...

You're a great dad. She doesn't know it now but she'll remember these afternoons for the rest of her life. Nice work.