Thursday, March 6, 2014

More carryings on about the Chrome Duffle Rack Top Bag

Click for big. I did a a temporary quick on/off hack for the new bag.
It's fast; I can hook it on or off in a couple seconds.

I gotta say: I friggin' love this bag otherwise. The size and the shape of monster hole opening are the best features. I often have a bunch of books and stacks of paper to haul around and this bag makes that so great when I have to find a single book or folder.  I throw my helmet in there, my jacket, lunch. It's like a magic hole that never fills up.
 In my initial review, I bitched about the lack of shoulder strap, but after a week of using this bag, I'm actually not finding that I am missing it. I think it's because there's already too many strappy things on this bag. Once I figure out how a permanent quick on/off solution, I'll chop the straps off the bottom to eliminate dangly things.

This is the "fix" for strapping down the back of the bag. So there's just the front stretchy bit and this bit on the back. That's it. Simple, good enough for the quick three mile run between my house and the bus stop, but not an ideal set up for the longer 20 mile, mixed-surface commute.
I got mega-dumped on again during my long commute home today. The sky opened up for about 10 minutes and drenched me to kingdom come... the bag is fine for waterproofiness. No issues there.

Here's a closer look at the temp fix on the front.

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