Monday, March 9, 2015

Riding with Maddie

We're gearing up for our summer of touring and overnighting. If weird warm weather holds, we'll do our first S240 of the season in a couple weeks.

Glen found this bike a few months ago. It's going to be a great bike for Maddie for this summer.
I've spent the last month or two figuring out the right set of components for it. I swapped the drop bars for the Space Bars that Maddie loves. I put some ultra cheap thumb shifters on it. It had some great Suntour XC pro indexed thumbie, but it was too hard for Maddie to shift with her thumb. She always used her palm to shove it. The Sunrace friction shifters are about $10/set and shift like butter.

For rackage: I have a Tubus Cargo on the rear and a Bruce Gordon lowrider on the front. Lights, DT toplight in the rear and old B&M first gen LED up front, are dyno -- driven by the front hub. Good enough for be-seen, which is what we're after.

This was at Riverside yesterday. She's pretty comfortable getting down most stuff. 

Clearly: she's not digging it. She told me while we were out yesterday that she agreed to go because she felt bad for me, but to her surprise, it was really fun. Works for me.

The rigs. We'll be working these suckers out this summer. 

Maddie has the expert way of taking selfies: you prop up the phone, take a movie, then screenshot the frame you want. I stole a kiss right before she ran back to turn off the movie.


Anonymous said...

Maddie is taller than a bike now. Unlike your cover photo. Stealing a kiss is always a nice touch.

Kaagobloo said...

I love that you're doing this together.