Thursday, December 7, 2006

Back from the Coast

Two quick bits:

1. I've been traveling for the last week or so. It's good to be back in cold Spokane. As I mentioned in the previous post, I travel to the Seattle area for work about once a month. One part I always enjoy is commuting from Redmond to my sister's house in Woodinville on the Sammamish River trail. That's a pleasant ride. The ride south, over I-90 is a much more dynamic route into Seattle than the northern route... but going south from Redmond to get to Woodinville is a long ride.
Anyway, I was just looking for an excuse to share this picture; nothing ground-breaking, but it's likely the primary reason I don't live in the area anymore.
What's odd, is that King county is considering converting an existing rail way (with tracks) that parallels the 405 corridor with a multi-use trail. I'm all for bike facilities, but this picture is a typical morning on the 405 corridor. Wouldn't it make more sense to keep the tracks on there and build a commuter train? Yowsa that's some traffic.

2. And much more importantly... the Spokane Bicycle Advisory Board website is live. Nothing exciting, but it's up. If you ride, especially if you commute, and especially if you are good with HTML and want to donate some time -- consider getting involved in BAB. Here's the site:

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