Saturday, December 16, 2006

OT Post -- Bread Here, Bikes There

OT item #1.

David Blaine has a cool local food blog. He's a cyclist. He did an OT post where he mentioned my blog. When I posted my "tried and liked" list, he sent me his "tried and liked" bike list, with the regrets that he couldn't do another OT bike post on his blog. Well, I'm happy to post it. So, if you are interested in what local chef David Blaine has tried and liked in the bike-part of his life, go to the old site and check it out:

OT item #2.

Liza and I make bread. We've spent some time trying to streamline the process so that we can put about 20 minutes a day into it and doesn't require throwing out a bunch of flour that natural starter requires.

The process provides 3 small loaves every 2 days. As we have developed our bread/process, we have given a lot of bread away. Folks are always asking for the recipe/method. So we wrote it up. It looks long and laborious. But it's not. The description is just verbose. Once you get in the groove, this bread just becomes part of the background of your daily stuff. So, here's the recipe:

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David Blaine said...

Reading my post, which you were kind enough to put on your site, I discovered that I must not have proof read my writing.I must have been extra tired when I wrote it. It reads like English is my second langauge.