Saturday, December 2, 2006

Car'ing your bike

I really hate hauling my bike on my car. For so many reasons. Probably the biggest reason is that I just think "driving to ride" -- in most cases -- is just a silly thing. In most cases there's great riding out your back door if you're willing to explore. Recreational riding that requires driving to the "riding destination" is an easy fix. Especially, *especially* in Spokane, where you would be hard-pressed to find yourself more than 20 riding-minutes from any kind of riding you want: rolling hills, single track, trails, country roads, logging roads, etc etc. Riding through town, going somewhere closer, leaving the car parked... these are all good things.
Anyway, I go to the Seattle area about once a month for my job. Typically, I fly in and my buddy Alex hooks me up with a bike. But sometimes I drive with family and haul a bike on the car.

Usually, it pours down rain and the speed of the car drives the water into every deepest nook and cranny of every bearing race. So, this time it was sort of a nice change to see the bike turn into a giant ice sculpture.

In other news. William, who runs the site at 63.xc asked me to write up an account of my Fuji. You can see the write up here.

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