Sunday, July 29, 2007

Midnight Riding

Mr. Blaine had a great turn out for his midnight century last night. My count (from memory) is 15 riders.

My goal was to ride out to stateline and back on the trail and be in bed by 4AM.

Chatting with David on the ride, he suggested peeling off around Evergreen and taking Hiway 27 to the Palouse home. Joe and I ended up leaving at Barker, pedaling back to Pines, then up 27, then up Sands (bad John choice -- too steep dirt road), then on the Palouse. I was in bed by 3:30.

I was sorry to leave the group. Next year I will make a more serious effort to get my act together and have a plan for the following day so I can sleep in. The riders are casual and the pace when I left was perfect for the flat trail at about 18 mph. I would not be able to sustain that pace for the hills on the homebound route, but I was curious to see how the group would've broke up on the climbs around Saltese and Palouse.

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David Blaine said...

Thanks for attending the ride. It was a good mix of people. We had a surprisingly big group that stayed together to (nearly) the end.